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Looking for Representatives:  Thunderhead Gaming will be looking for experienced game masters to represent our company and products at conventions worldwide in the coming months.  What we require from you is a commitment to run two four-hour blocks of Thunderhead Games at a convention.  In exchange, we provide you with the following:

- Thunderhead swag:  at least a Thunderhead t-shirt to wear during your games, as well as other items as they are available.

- A free copy of Netherstorm.

- Occasionally, advanced material of Thunderhead modules, games and other products to be play-tested at conventions.

- A code that will provide people you recommend with 5% off their purchases on our online store, as well as providing you with 5% of the gross sale (all payments made through PayPal).

- Most conventions provide free or discounted badges to people who commit to running eight hours of games.  The specific policy will depend entirely on the convention.

- Training on our games and products via Skype or Hangouts.

If you are interested in being part of the representative program when it starts, please email us at: