Welcome to the homesite of Thunderhead Gaming, publishers and retailers of role-playing games, accessories and other games.

     Here are some of the upcoming points of note:

  • Keep an eye on the News page and the Product News of the Forums for an upcoming product announcement.
  • Beginning in April, Thunderhead will start streaming podcasts.  If there is anything you are interested in seeing or topics you would like covered, contact us at our podcast email.

  • ​Our convention schedule for 2017 has been updated.  See the News page and the forums.
  • Also in April, we will be having an overstock sale at our online store.  Normally, we only sell products produced by Thunderhead on our website, but at conventions we sell products by other companies as well.  We have an overstock of a few products, so after Marmalade Dog, we will sell all of our overstock at 20% off.  We have a limited amount of stock on these items, so check the Store link often.

  • ​We are continuing to add new material to the forums for Netherstorm.  Click the Forums link above to look for new spells, skills, creatures and world lore.
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